Buying purple maid skirt (DEAL WITHDRAWN)

will give 2,000 crowns.
DM CoopNevir#2216 if you’re interested.
why did i do this

Skirt or top

Skirts are available for 26 crowns at any tailor

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you got that wrong i said Purple Maid Skirt, not Purple Skirt

was talking about maid skirts as well
but if you wanna buy one for 2000 crowns go ahead lmao

ya i think i KINDA regret this, might as well cancel the marketplace message

good on you, you would’ve been scammed real hard

That’s why I asked top or skirt lol

People actually do offer ridiculous amounts for the tops

I messaged you on discord because I have one

Deal’s withdrawn, ya can’t do it anymore

We still did it for 250 crowns though

this man wasted 199 crowns
this isn’t against you @Drama lmao, i just wanted to make him aware that skirts were available virtually anywhere
tops are hard to find so i understand the price some people are willing to put for those, but skirts are ridiculous

Just in case lol

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