Buying Smoke Arrows for 3.5 crowns per arrow! DM ME Matt©#0001

I just want to buy in bulk mainly but I also buy in small amounts!

considering that smokes are worth 5 crowns if you sell them, thats not a really good trade tbh

It’s great considering that you sell them for 1 crown in the shops.

uh no they sell for 5 crowns…

uh no at the shops they sell for 1 crown

go check dude smh…

Okay just checked they sell for 1 crown at the store… smh

are you stupid…

no, are you stupid their value is 5 but they sell for one at the tailor or smith or any other place you can sell stuff at.

well then its a lose for you why the heck are you doing this

I have also checked the npc shop and they sell for 1 crown. In trading tho they valued at 5

exactly what i meant

Then why did you say they SELL FOR 5!!! And I already said exactly what @thomasamber said. You’re mad so sad just get over the fact you were wrong and I was right :confused:

i already said you were right, i only asked why you are doing this trade when it is bad for you smh

cause I have too much money

bruh this is fun to read

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