Buying Strong Sunken Sword

buying Strong Sunken Sword 4k

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strong sunken sword is worth MUCH more than 4k crowns

even a clean sunken sword is worth much more than 4k crowns

lol toxic

(anyways i need 14 characters now so yeah this is filler)


jesus calm down yall

Telling them that sunken sword isn’t worth that is a good move, but it doesn’t need to be overly hostile :fr:


offering only crowns for sunkens is DISGUSTING and ANNOYING (like seriously) because crowns are EXTREMELY easy to grind
sunkens are worth at least another sunken or boss weapons (if the trader is kind enough) so if you want a strong sunken sword then start fishing or grinding bosses so that you can create a decent offer for what you want
(and before you think about trading your fishes or common items such as amulets, wizard sets or those common weapons, they have as little value as crowns)

you got some serious toxicity issues @Door_Knob

not everyone who makes a post is aware of values, this guy literally just joined the forums.

telling a newbie to leave the forums because he’s not a WoM nerd like you (and me) is just pathetic. stop degrading yourself over and over again.

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welcome to the forums btw

i agree with karm, chill guys

He retired.


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