Calling all LB players, specifically from the 1-20# range(excluding heroes LB)

From top bounties to top assassins. If you’re up to the challenge and you’re in the number 1-20 LB player range, let’s fight. It’ll be just one fight, and bounty will be at stake.

Maybe you won’t trust me, and I can understand why, you have something to lose. But I also have something to lose, my pride. I’m not going to do anything sneaky like get my friends to jump you mid fight. You can expect a clean 1 on 1 duel, and whoever wins gets the others bounty, and we’ll move on with our day.

I don’t expect a lot of people to see this, but it’s going to be here for the time being. It’d make my goal easier anyway.

My region: USE/USW

You can expect a conjuror. My username is NannoProdigy. I can manage to fight in EUW.

Also @Dibs would beating testers also count? Or no?

Uhhhhhhhhhh I was kinda joking when I said that I didn’t expect you to take it seriously. Not that many lb players use the forum nor would they accept to fight you, you should prob just look for whoevers online on the lb and join them

idk how good testers are

I know some lb players that like to do 1v1s but they’re all EUW so uh

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just ask chroma he likes to 1v1 people

it was a joke…?



Deviable: :smiling_imp:

i can ask a few people for you but im sure they’d be up for some friendlies rather than pvping for bounty/fame

Blud is too lazy to hunt legitimately

I mean I’m on the lb if you want to pvp not top 20 anymore tho

it’s ridiculously hard to traditionally hunt an LB player, this just makes it less of a hassle

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