Camp lunch is a W

In a summer camp for string instruments right now. Today for lunch we had a meat and lettuce burrito and a salad with some other stuff, both of which, frankly, were vile, but I opted for the burrito. But one of the chefs said that both of them contained tree nuts, which I was allergic to. I asked them to make a tree nut free burrito so I would have anything to eat. 30 minutes later, they came back with a salad, a green banana that tasted like vomit, these bland chip things, and the information that the burrito did not have tree nuts in it (There were none left now). They had kind of goated granola bars, though… Thanks for coming to my Tedtalk

When do testsers go outside. Cryo on the touching grass grind


Update: Today I finished a third of my sandwich before realizing there were two layers of wax paper in between the meat and cheese :sleeper:

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adds that extra crunch

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Fr! :drooling_face:

I just saw my post got 10 likes. Huh

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11 now :mariomug:

Funn thing is I don’t have many posts like that. I got a badge and stuff. Idk how this got it but whatever

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New copypasta just dropped


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