Camreeyan's Meta Dump

Camreeyan's Meta Dump
convenience 4.285714285714286 7 fairness 4.6 5 trustworthiness 4.666666666666667 6

Meta shop. (Not to be confused with Metapoly.) I’m very broke but I happen to have a lot of meta items and not many people seem to be actively selling those so I figured I would make a shop for the people who need it.

Meta Items

Wizard Set

19 hard wizard hats
21 hard wizard robes
16 hard wizard pants

12 powerful wizard hats
34 powerful wizard robes
11 powerful wizard pants

clean (to be enchanted later):
20 clean wizard hats
0 clean wizard robes
100 clean wizard pants


14 hard defense amulets
22 hard power amulets
2 hard strength amulets

12 powerful defense amulets
15 powerful power amulets

7 strong defense amulets
2 strong strength amulets

60 clean defense amulets
110 clean power amulets

  • more for other stat amulets that are stored on an alt

Boss Drops

Mino Armors (clean/good)

2x clean mino armor
1x nimble mino armor
1x powerful mino armor
1x hard mino boots

Mino Armors (junk)

2x bursting mino helmet
2x swift mino helmet
1x keen mino helmet
1x keen mino boots
3x swift mino boots

Exiled Armors (clean/good)

4x clean exiled armor
1x hard exiled armor
2x clean exiled leggings

Exiled Armors (junk)

1x bursting exiled helmet
1x nimble exiled helmet
2x swift exiled helmet


2x hard vastira
1x strong vastira
1x sturdy wall of jericho
2x clean oathkeeper
2 strong oathkeepers

Sunken… Yes just one sunken

Sunken (good/clean)

Strong Sunken Boots


4th of July

1x 4th of July Shades


1x Pumpkin Fedora
1x Head Wrappings
1x Leg Wrappings
1x Brown Mini Cauldrons


I have tons of random colored items, just ask and I’ll see if I have any. I’ll take seasonals, metas, crowns, fish bait, arrows, or rusty cans for these.

Custom Builds

You can also commission me to create an entire build. This can be a plain meta set, a melee build, or one of my skill issue custom builds. Hell I can even make you a build worse than that, even a full 634 for a certain stat if you want. Expect to give at least WoJ’s value per normal power build, a sunken or more for a full melee build, and the price will vary for niche builds.

Trading Policies

  • No crowns common/uncommon items, excluding meta pieces, for anything but vanity or certain custom builds.
  • Don’t do seasonals as your main offer unless I’m looking for it, or it is a small trade (1-3 meta items and I don’t have it/it’s a decent color); use these as adds in boss drop trades if you want
  • Rusty cans will be taken as gratuity, but do not use them as your main offer

I’ll add more of these later, this is all I could think of for now


My discord is Camreeyan#3935
On weekdays until schools ends, I likely will not be on until 5 pm CST. I will be most likely to see your offers on the forums if I’m in school, but I cannot get on to trade until I’m at my computer. You can also warp to me if you see me in game, but replying to my topic or dming on the forums will probably notify me quicker.

My accounts for warping


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you really need 2 storage accounts?

yes every file is organized to hold different types of items

nifty little store
not many rares, but your store is mainly a meta set store anyways

ill swing by here sometimes, im always in need of meta sets

okay but can you actually list the amounts/give an estimate since theres a decent amount of people out there that buy meta stuff in bulk

fuuuuck fine

tomorrow though

I’ll give you a 4 star convenience rating if you do it :innocent:

possibly a 5 but that’ll be after i observe your shop a little

Nice niche shop :+1:
Might wanna use a table of contents tho. Would make it way more convenient :wink: to look through your shop

noooo stop recommending overused formats mister nuclear man!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was gonna add this but couldnt figure out how tf to use it and i couldnt find any working tutorials

Your shop ugly you dont get to speak noob!!11

I can tell you how to do it when im on pc which should be in like 30 minutes or less

oh yeah!?!? well at least the whole of MY shop (in its simple form) can fit on the screen :triumph:

I dont like how you organized that but nice shop

Isnt that kinda counterintuitive for a shop? Since if it cant fit on the screen that would mean that your shop is pretty big which means youre likely rich :sunglasses:


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no because it doesnt scare off people that want to do quick trades, unlike in your, misinputs and bbiis shop because they’re too large :muscle: :triumph:

Just you wait and see in ao :sunglasses:

grrrr you’re making me angry mister fartman7…but indeed we will see in shartcane shartyssey…

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