Can ash clouds on their own apply petrify?

By “on their own”, I mean can the cloud hazard cause it or can only a direct attack (blast, beam etc) cause petrify.

Scenario 1: someone with the burning status effect walks into an ash cloud. Do they get petrified?

Scenario 2: a low level character walks into a high level character’s ash cloud and loses over 33% of their life. Do they get petrified?

Ash magic clouds can’t deal more than 19 damage (I think? Been a while since I used it but it’s near 20) and you start with 100 hp so I don’t think a player’s ash cloud would be able to even do 33%. You could test this with a captain though. I’m pretty sure you just take heavy damage or lose a limb though it probably doesn’t inflict petrified


I think they would just take more damage I doubt they would get petrified. Pretty sure status effects can only be inflicted by attacks


Well other than soaked from rain and paralyzed from lightning but you get what I mean

pretty sure clouds dont have any side effects, just damage for every tick spent in it
for example, poison clouds dont actually give you the poisoned status effect when even a poison blast with the same damage would


Alr thanks, thinking of making an ash file and wanted to know what the clouds could do (not that I expect my clouds to do 33% any time soon, just curious cause I got limb loss from a captain’s lava puddle once when I was new)

Probably because limb loss can occur no matter the source, but yeah I can see why this would make you wonder if other sources could do the same. I was starting a sand file earlier and I died in 2 ticks to a captain’s acid puddle and I think I lost a limb so yeah that’s probably a thing