Can i get pvp tips/strats

110 90 50 (magic str wep)
poison magic
2 blasts
2 places explosion
1 leap
2 self explosion (may remove)
1 beam
acid magic
1 blast
1 self explosion
iron leg
1 crash
1 smash
20 rushdown
all old
dagger (or heavy ravenna shield)

pls give tips on what i should do (using 2 blast poison so it hits to apply and possibly hit twice, and is beam overall better than blast if so i will use 2 beam and remove 2 blast)

EDIT: i have changed poison to have only 1 attack, and have removed self explosion from in (may change to 5 placed explosion to cover area since no multi beam

EDIT: i am looking to change certain weapons so attacks don’t do the same effect (Like aoe weapon moves since i have smash and explosion)

Just block parry dodge XD :joy:

(on a serious note, my dream savant build is significantly different from this, so I actually don’t feel like I could give legitimate tips that could be helpful for a playstyle like yours)

Always try to be attacking and keeping them in your sights

You can land alot more attacks and pressure more by just attacking constantly

Especially as a rushdown being able to follow your opponent is pretty good

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