Can I have my chests back?

I heard that mods will sometimes give you your dark sealed chests back if you lose them thru something that is the game’s fault. I lost 3 to a server reset (and no, I did NOT have any chance of getting them to a shipwright, I was in insanity 1 range). Can I have em back? Proof:

3 chests is like 10 mins into the dark sea at most…

I was 20 minutes in… ever consider I might just be unlucky w/ islands?
also even if it WAS 10 minutes in, I would still have to sail to a shipwright and thus lose my chests.
there was no saving them

If you really need those 3 chests then go for it

1 no restores for server shutdown
2 only for bugs
3 i think mod soups are busy enough with restores that are more than 3 sealed chests

speaking of dark sealed chest restores, am i able to have one if i lost them to a hacker? i have a clip of that but it was taken BEFORE mods could give you dark sea chests as inventory items

reminds me of the time i lost 21 dark sealed chests because i was greedy and wanted more :pensive:… (an atlantean killed me)

i dont think it’s applicable if its that old

should be, there’s no rule stating about the time, only if “bugs” or “abnormalities” happen in dark sea runs
besides, if it happens once, it can happen again

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