Can Iris Get A Rework?

can iris please have a rework her boss fight is either:
just fighting a mage npc that has a cool magic

punching the hell out of a woman

not being able to beat her because you are not in fact me and are able to block parry and or dodge her attacks and you’re forced to try to beat her with 4 damage blasts while she clashes everything out of existence (this happened to me)

like wow, this sure is a cool fight!

can we please get some changes to the fight, like maybe she enters a charging state every x attacks or something. Like, cmon she can barely use her flare magic of course she’d need to charge it

I don’t see what’s wrong here

the part where using beserker skills is actively punishing

also I just don’t have my 7+ clips of dying to iris because I try to use skills instead of m1 spam at the ready

i dont consider iris a real boss

she just kinda there so winterhold has a boss. i consider Elius the first real boss since he has an actual unique moveset

How did this bitch become a punching bag to a tier 5 flare wizard with the AoE about the size of Calvus :sob:

I don’t like the iris fight either. It’s WOM NPCs all over again…(autoaim placed explosions)


also yeah she’s pretty much just a low level pirate captain

where tf did i get winterhold bruh i havent even been playing skyrim

went from level 30 mage to obliterating 10 guards with a single blast attack in a second (keep in mind flare is specifically said to have low damage and high DoT)

m1 m1 m1

but actually though there’s not much that can be done with her. she’s meant to be the boss that re introduces you to blocking and dashing and punishes you hard if you dont

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