Can someone explain meta and the metaverse to me

I’ve seen so many memes and the vid about meta yet I still don’t fucking understand what zucky is going to do?? I’ve heard that it’s basically going to be a shittier vr chat or something…

And roblox’s “metaverse” I’ve heard about it so much yet I’m fucking clueless what it’s about

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Sword art online incident.
But without sword and death i think

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Metaverse chose some of the worst games on the site

Best explanation is Sword Art Online except there’s multiple games

I have never watched sword art online so that is a terrible explanation to me

Okay a bunch of games similar to what Roblox is doing, but usually in Virtual Reality

If you’ve ever seen Ready Player One, like the Oasis.

Don’t know why people aren’t making that comparison on here.

If you haven’t seen that then it’s kind of like VRchat

If you haven’t seen what that’s like then the concept is basically like “let’s make virtual reality our reality”

If you don’t know what VR is then it’s a means to emulate a world or environment from your own perspective, so when you turn your head it will turn your view to match or stuff like that. You hold a controller in the real world but you see a sword or some other shit. Oversimplification as well as a bad explanation

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So, it’s basically just roblox promoting the making of VR games on the platform?

Yeah sure, the metaverse is basically like “virtually do everything” by means of VR though I don’t think it’s required. I am no expert on it or anything.


It is because they don’t bathe (like me).

its basically a virtual realm of worlds

what thatoneguy said

but, the metaverse is leaning towards a liveable reality rather then games and hangout spaces
like what facebook wants to do is to create a digital reality where you can work, make money, and do almost anything you can do in person but in vr

Wow what a terrible idea

It’s gonna be cyberpunk

steampunk better, change my mind

Make a time traveling machine

e . e