Can we make stats titles...?

Now before you all go to the comments and say yes/no, i’ll want to explain at first. I think this would be a nice thing to grind for #1 title, for any stat that has the titles unlocked. Like for example, you could make a ‘#1 Chest grinder’, or a ‘#1 Spell Caster’. These are just side ideas for the game, so people don’t get bored while waiting for updates. Keeps them going, i guess.

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I feel indifferent about this idea; it doesn’t seem really needed, but more obtainable titles would be nice

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It would be cool but at the same time it would be kinda dumb for ones like #1 spell caster because you could just afk auto farm for those titles.

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Afk farm? No way to afk spell casting. You have to constantly use spells, but it’s your opinion of course! I just have 15.5k spells atm, so i just added it. xD

Exactly, i feel like it isn’t needed, but could be a side goal for those who are waiting for the update.

You can use an auto keyboard to use Q and then hold shift…

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Nice idea, but I don’t do that.

You might not but other people probably will to get those titles lol

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Lol, guess i should start grinding to get 100k ASAP. xD. 15k doesn’t seem like so much now.

seems like a fun little addition to WoM in my honest opinion

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Exactly what i thought, thanks for your opinion!

i got 33k lol