Can we make this an official word?

This is very important to me,I don#t rlly like the coucil and after hours of experiments…i came to the conclusion that instead of pos. rep. players or something we shall call them:coucilsimps.
It’s great,I’ve got good feedback on this word from other non-councilsimps and it needs to become mainstream!

Just had better interactions with neg rep players,like bruh,I can have a nice talk and go fish with,how they call us,criminals’’ and when I walk by a councilsimp they oof me.Even when I had pos. rep. ,criminals mostly don’t attack me…in conclusion:Pos. rep. players are simping for the council,in short councilsimps.

As a councilsimp, I support. I try to mind my own business so apologies for the bad apples T_T

That’s another reason,even councilsimps agree :joy: