Cannon Fist: Is It Slept On?

So personally from experience cannon fist is super fun and very useful to use. Especially in pvp when someone tries to escape on their boat. Am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda slept on, cause it feels super fun to mess around with. Just wish it’s moves were long ranged as well.

Cannon fist is a W :muscle:
Always go for it if you’re a warlord who wants range or a berserker that don got a 2nd style :muscle:

i don’t think it’s slept on, people just don’t want to grind out 10000 cannonballs to use it
you can charge energy for free, cannonfist costs physical ammunition to use, and honestly that’s what’s deterred me from making a build with it as well, since you need to consume cannonballs to level it up in the first place (a huge investment on top of your time if you don’t end up liking it)

Cannon Fist is by all means a good style, the problem is that all moves require cannonballs to use