[Challenge run - Landlocked] Getting to level 125 without leaving Dawn Island

level 10 has been reached !

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damn i hope it didn’t actually take 3 hours and you just took a break or something

I wish you luck, don’t go insane! Level 20 is right around the corner.

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now THIS is an arcane odyssey right here. good luck with this

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Final update for tonight, imma continue tomorrow !

Enchantment scroll >:)
Treasure charts are unlocked at a certain level so for now, hopefully I get some good scrolls for later. [i believe level 20-25 maybe 30!]

update: level 16!!!

And also xp grinding goes hard !! I shouldve saved fishing for later down the line considering its 10% per unique fish, but ah well

Lightning is a menace


Now I can see why some people are saying that leveling takes a long time for them, they probably never left dawn island frfr


I might attempt this on a 2nd profile

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Clearly that is Lord Elius trying to snipe you


I’m going to try this eventually, thanks for the inspiration

complete the story with no deaths challenge???


That’s for chumps, beat the story with no damage taken, no accessories or armor, no cooked food, and no points invested (until awakening since I think it requires you to do so)

so are we also gonna get to witness this person using her ultimate art on shura :sleeper:


No that should be another file where at level 125 you can leave the island, this one must be preserved for years to come

Shura when the random hobo who pulls up to his island says “Ultimate Art: “

U can do it man