Change to Beams

This change means that beams are no longer completely instant, but rather close to instant. Placed explosions will still be used for free hits, while all magics will be able to benefit from the long range of beams. Additionally, they will be less punishable and singular beams will be easier to aim, thanks to the removal of the casting delay. However, it will be slightly harder to land beams depending on what magic you’re using.

What do you guys think?

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Placed explosions aren’t instant either.

They have no travel time. That’s what we’re talking about. If anything was truly instant, that would be pretty stupid in a game balanced by cast times.

im worried if there’s gonna be enough drawback from “near instant” hits

They will still be used as a free punish tool for missed placed explosions, at least I’ll use them for that.
I think their time from pressing the button to hiring the target will be reduced by this, at least at short distances.

my main problem with beam was the fact that it essentially replaced explosion’s viability as a “cheap hitter” since it was hitscan, but now it’s more of a light-punish, which makes slower magics a lot more viable and I’m all for that

Has lower dmg multiplier than placed explosions i believe, ask Meta @Starcist

they should do more than 50% damage

probably the same as placed explosion yeah

if anything, make it do slightly less than explosion so people can use explosion without worrying about just getting punished for more damage at any range by a beam