Changes to Guild Ranks

Right now, the guild ranks don’t really do anything besides co-owner and owner(able to invite people to guilds) and members, elite members and admins basically have nothing to do in a guild besides raising infamy and depositing crowns

So I’m proposing an idea where each rank gets to have a feature/ability.
(Member, Elite Members, Admins, Co-leaders and leader)

Members and Elite Members

In a guild, the Members and Elite Members should be able to suggest a person that should join the guild. This could be done through adding a tab on the guild screen.
When clicking the button, it could give you a formal letter format where you put in the person’s username and reason for recruiting

Admins, Co-leaders and leader

Admins will be able to view these recruit submissions through the same tab but re-named to “View Submissions”
When an admin, co leader or leader clicks this tab, they’ll be given with a GUI list in which they can see all the potential guild members, with two buttons under the format saying “approve” or “disapprove”, clicking “approve” will make the potential guild member receive a guild invite

Co-owners and the guild Owner

Co-owners and the Owner will be able to kick players out and temp/perm ban them (meaning they cannot be recruited for a period time or forever

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