Choose your defenders

choose 2 to defend you and the rest are coming to attack

made by @michaeltxt (i advised the numbers)


i choose vetex and theos

i choose 5000 desert bandits and 1 vetex

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vetex and durza

i do not remember any of these npcs bro

25 arsens and 1 vetex

I pick vetex and the rupins

1k eye whites and durza eye whites kill all curse user and durza can just steal the curses after

lowkey all you need is Vetex because Tech mentioned how he cheats during fights in AA lol


Easy, take 10000 dessert bandits, teach each and every one of them how to use magic with thehos (i will convince him several months before the attack that we are assembling an army to fight durza). get them all to unlock a second mind, then watch the chaos ensue

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Vetex is obvious choice one. But the next pick is tricky. Depends on where we are. Can I just let vetex distract them and while they’re distracted I go jump in the ocean with my white eyes?

Hmmm so I ain’t counting vetex since that’s a bit to op.

Theos maybe since if we count him in his prime he was pretty strong . I am taking durza for those curses. But like that’s a lot of other characters but. I would have to say theos prime then prometheus. Since there’s more and they are very strong. Tho vetex can solo all neg diff

100 Trignos and 2 @DarkLordDurza s

I don’t think you guys realize but since vetex has to use a computer as a proxy to defend you, if you simply get enough entities such as the white eyes or bandits, you can disconnect him and you get an ez win

this is immortal durza guys, he broke earth and wiped out 80% of humanity, and there’s 2 of him here

give me admin and it wont matter how much i’m lagging

How you gonna join the server in the first place :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are you sure they wouldn’t just try to steal eachother’s curses LOL


2 Durza and 50 Rupins

because a few thousand npcs isn’t gonna make me disconnect instantly