ChronosZel's Art Progression Log

Since arcane odyssey probably won’t release for another 4-11 months I’ve decided to make this post to record me drawing once a day,week or month since this would be a perfect opportunity to get better at art. Although I highly doubt my laziness and procrastination would get me far lol.

Feel free to post your art here. It doesn’t matter if it’s doodles, practice or an entire piece the purpose of this post is to record your art while others can give feed back to help you improve as fast as possible.

Anyways here’s day 1

Drew a bunch of torsos today mostly female though.

Here’s the tutorial

Also @TheSandCrab you better try drawing something here


ahem, four words of wisdom:

i’m shit tier drawer.

Everybody starts somewhere nobody’s automatically good. Also I’m a shit tier artist as well.

if my starting point is pixel art so be it.

i’ll make something soonTM, no promises though.

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gotta start somewhere



Well that’s an Art Glow-Up if I’ve ever seen one

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i see you practicing the breasts reee, those things are weird to draw imo…

Hm. bro i need to pick something and stick to it lol, so far I’ve done drawing, writing, instruments, and gaming wheeze

that dragon above is my entire mood.

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Lol yeah there definitely interesting to draw

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ha, hahahahhahah


Day 2 part 1 (maybe)

Just did some warm up doodles and hopefully later on today I’ll practice hands or anatomy.

If you recognize one of the girls I drew in the pick your a mega chad


looks cool! the eyes are pog

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Ikr bruh the eyes are probably the best things I can draw rn

Kinda reminds me of Steven Universe in a way

Which one the eyes or?

i am quite the artist


Yes I have experienced this terrible thing known as “skill issue” before

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the eyes on the third one

I mean Steven universe was kindaanime inspired and my art style is more anime influenced so it wouldn’t be surprising if you thought of Steven universe

I can only draw with pencil and paper, and am probably not going to get a drawing tablet soon. I drew Fang recently. Want me to post?