Classes and Perks

I’m here to talk about what kind of classes/perks could, within reason, be in the game and how they would work out. I’m bored and like to think about stuff like this. The reason why this is not a Suggestion is because of two reasons

  • This would probably take long af to put in due to the sheer size of it. It, at least how I imagine it’d work, would affect the very core of the game that I don’t think can just be freely edited on a whim.
  • Vetex has an idea of how he wants the game. Classes and perks are big parts of RPGs and are often in them, I am sure Vetex has decided he doesn’t want them in the game if they’re not here.

Those two reasons are why this is just a discussion and not just a flat out suggestion, it’d be hard to implement and probably has already been considered. If the mods decide this is just in the wrong category and should be in suggestions then I’ll take whatever punishment they deem reasonable. Now, onto the classes n perks

Now, at least how I’m thinking it. You would be able to pick a class at the start of your game. It wouldn’t be like World Zero and limit the hell out of you with only three classes. Naw, none of that. You get them all right away and can pick which one you want. Each one has some kind of buff, but also have a nerf. There will also still be the option (default too) to have no class. Having a class would always be better than having no class but the option is there. Classes and perks really won’t be too OP on their own but stacked on top of each other could lead to something special. So, after you spawn in you will instantly gain some buffs from your class. These buffs stay the whole game. There will be no way to get a second class or a way to change classes, which could be changed because some people will regret their choices later if they didn’t think hard enough about it. I prefer to be unforgiving though. You will gain 1 perk point every 10 levels, perks vary in price depending on your class. Some perks will be worth 1 perk point, some 5, some maybe even worth as much as 20. All depends on your class and the perk itself. Some perks will even require things outside of a class, level, or points. Classes will be described as your previous experiences before the events in the story, you could have been a cook or a tailor. You had some 20~ or more years before the start of the game, doubt you were a wizard the whole time since you’re a level 1. Even the peacekeeper did something before he/she was turned into ash.

Classes and perks opens up the opportunity for plenty of things, such as exclusive gear and a so many more ways to play the game. It’d make optimizing a build/file more suited to you. There could be way more classes/perks than I list, I know that, just gonna name/detail some ones I’ve thought of. I didn’t want all perks/classes to be all about pvp. WoM/AO is more than just an PvP game. The cost of a perk depends entirely upon your class and the perk itself. For someone without a class all perks will generally be around the same price, but none will really be cheap either. Cheaper perks cost 25% less, rounded down. More expensive perks cost 50% more, rounded up. Classless people’s perks will all be 25% more expensive rounded up. Could possibly be more in depth but my effort to do that ain’t there.


Swordsman - 15% damage increase with swords, 5% increase with melee weapons, 5% decrease in magic damage
Archer - 20% damage increase with bows, can shoot arrows 50% faster, 10% slower movement speed and 10% less damage with melee weapons, can buy arrows from Smiths
Assassin - 15% damage increase with daggers and bows, 5% movement speed increase, 100% extra damage to targets who don’t notice you, 50% less damage to targets who’ve noticed you. For players you only do extra damage if they don’t have a weapon or a magic selected, if they have a weapon or magic selected then you do less damage.
Wizard - 10% magic damage increase, 5% faster casting speed, 15% less damage with any weapon, 50% less overall stamina, only regenerates stamina when completely still and not using magic.
Trader - 25% better prices, sell items for 25% more, 10% less overall damage (magic and weapons), 10% less health
Treasure Hunter - sell items for 25% more, higher chance to get items from chests and fishing, 10% movement speed increase, 50% more crowns from chests, 20% higher prices from NPCs, 5% less overall damage, 5% less health
Athlete - 10% movement speed increase, 15% increase with all melee weapons, 10% less magic damage, 10% slower magic casting speed, 50% less magic energy
Fisherman - Lure fish in 10% faster, catch fish 10% easier, find rarer fish 10% easier, find more bait from chests, find bait more often in chests, 50% better fish selling prices, 5% lower selling prices for items (that are not fish)


Weapons Novice - Deal 5% extra damage with all weapons, level 50 required, costs 2 points. Cheaper for someone with a class that deals with weapons, more expensive for someone that doesn’t deal with weapons.
Better Bait - Lure in fish 15% faster, find rarer fish 15% better, level 150 required, costs 8 points. Cheaper for classes that deal with fishing, more expensive for the rest.
Better Shoes - 2.5% movement speed increase, level 10 required, costs 1 point. Costs same for all.
Tracker - See a “trail” that shows the path a player took. See players within 125 meters on your map. Chests glow through structures and terrain when they’re within 40 meters. Level 350 required. Costs 14 points. Cheaper for classes involved with hunting prey or finding loot, more expensive for the rest.
Revival - Gives player a spell they can use on dead NPCs that’re a fourth of their level or less, these NPCs are rived and fight anyone who hurts the player, level 500 required, requires the user to have -4000 or more rep to use the spell and get the perk, costs 16 points.
Specialist - Removes 2 weapon slots. Weapons in the first slot are 50% in every stat, level 250 required, Weapon Novice perk required, costs 10 points.
Maul - 5% extra damage, level 10 required, -350 rep or lower required, costs 4 points.
Radiating Energy - Magic energy passively charges at half the rate it actively does. Actively filling up magic energy is twice as fast, level 1000 required, class that deals with magic required, costs 26 points. Costs less for magic-based classes, costs more for weapon-based classes, costs the same for all other.
Elemental Expert - Deal more damage with your magics synergies, level 120 required, costs 6 points. Costs the same for all classes

I didn’t go too into perks because I mean there could be a lot in there. There could be dozens upon dozens, possibly hundreds of perks even. This is just what I quickly came up with. As for the classes the same, there could be way more. I wouldn’t say dozens but more.

Alright, now for the discussion part. Please feel free to reply with anything concerning this post. It could be a class you’d like to have, perk or class ideas and what they’d offer. It could be comments on perks or classes I mentioned, like if they’d be unbalanced, either too weak or too strong. Possible replies could be about how to organize/structure the topic itself. Other posts could be about why Vetex should add this, others could be about why he shouldn’t. I’ll leave that part to you guys. I gave this as something we as a community could talk about, your opinions on classes/perks, even if it’s not these ones.

k wrapping this up now might edit it in the future to change things, like grammar or spelling, don’t crucify me.

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I mean jobs are often slang for classes in MMORPG games and jobs are planned so this is pretty much confirmed to be added and doesnt need to have a suggestion anyways.

But damn, I dont see a maid class in there (,^・⋏・^,)



make one then

Maid - 10% seductive chance, 50% more likely to get maid gear from chests, can buy maid gear for 50% less, does 20% more damage with full maid gear on, does 10% less damage without full maid gear set on, takes 10% more damage (because masochism), has a unique “cleaning” animation, passively gets 5 crowns every 5 minutes standing in a home.

There. Probably the least balanced class.


I mean people would only pick the classes that give buffs in combat

yes but the options are still nice. >:(

idk bout you seems a bit unbalanced

Autofarmers: image

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magic > weapons. Swordsman is just for swords, slight buff for melee weapons in general tho. Less magic damage because base magic does far more than base weapons and you get it instantly. You don’t got to upgrade magic every 10 levels. Magic is just stronger than weapons. You pointed out a flaw in my wording tho. I meant to say “completely still and not using magic”. Now why heavily nerf weapons for wizards? They won’t be using weapons anyways because of the recent nerf weapons got, so even if they do, it’ll be dog shit damage. Wizard focuses on magic, not weapons. Could be argued to lower to 10% but eh, I don’t see it as insanely bad.

magic severely outclasses weapons rn so giving a small buff to magic is like giving a big buff to weapons

I personally don’t like games that have specific classic

bet ima abuse fisherman

same man

yeah I can see a dude grinding on fisherman then transfer the items to an alt, that has the actual class he wants

plus the Better Bait perk

Class Suggestions:

Heavy - Take less Damage from Non-Magic Sources, 50% Defence Increase, Defence Enchants are amplified by 1.5x, Shields equip faster and have more HP, decrease in movement speed, takes more damage from most Magic Types.

Medic - Health Regenerates faster than before, Guild/Team Members also gain this regen boost when around you, if Healing Spells are ever added, their potency is increased by 50%, 10% less HP, deal 10% less damage with both weapon and magic types.

Perk Suggestions:

Comedian - Emoting in an area sends all hostile NPCs and Enemy Players inside to enter an “Enraged” state, where their damage is increased, however, they now take 2x more damage. All hostile NPCs in the area will now target you, and All Players in the area will immediately shoot an magic blast or arrow directly at you upon Emoting.

Atomic - Explode and deal damage to any opponents in an area upon death.

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dang they must really hate you

Some of these classes are sounding pretty nice, ngl.

this still doesn’t feel like a WoM or AA thing. It’s a neat idea, but I don’t think it’ll mesh well with the game.

if u gain 1 skill point every 10 lvls that would mean you would need over 100 lvls without skill point usage for anything with double digit numbers and even if its not double digit 80 lvls for better fish dosnt sound very appealing

Wizard shouldn’t be an option, when every PC is already a wizard by default. Maybe we could get more options instead of just more magic damage increase, and faster cast speed. Like magic shapes more casting styles, spells etc…