Clean sunken sword name offers bellow

I am mainly looking for sunken armour and a WOJ Dm me at Speedypirate16#1882

No crowns
no B.S

Would you trade it for a keen sunken chest and a keen exiled chest

I have better offers rn

I’ve got multiple sunken armors + WOJs

DM Balls#1118 for further negotiations lol

Already sold

ez :mariomug: :nod:


i know what it feels bro. same. :frcryin:

can’t relate :nod:

Just wanna know, what did you trade it for?


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2k crowns :3
shit already sold fuck
just ignore this

exactly what he asked for a woj and a sunken chest piece


Dang you got a really good deal then bruh. Rip timezones otherwise i would have offered my hard sunken chest for his clean sunken sword

I can give ya a swift sunken sword level 90 for it

it’s already done. like… 15 hours ago lol

oof i already have 2 of those, im mainly looking for a strong sunken sword so if you have that then im all ears.

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