[CLOSE PLEASE]Who Were the Top 5 Most Known WoM Guilds and their Logos?

Need their logos for a meme



prolly the active guilds in the guild hub, we were #3 but we weren’t well known since we never really interacted with the community

Suncry entity helios tso (not for a good reason) kingdom of fire at one point


That’s a major one

arguably roselight or black bulls are more known

go with roselight c

Gayatore/Roselimp/Shingles of Fire

Don’t play the game anymore but most replies are biased asf for atleast one guild.



Doge Nation



Ive been in 4/5

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ayyy how the grind going

better than ever literally. Opened this shit hole to help people with porn cause its a huge problem but idiots argue with me and the whole purpose of it is gone but ya that’s it, how are u doing with exercise??

mostly did cardio cuz I didn’t have a gym membership in ny, but I’ll start fuckin with weights this august

other than our Third in command spreading clearly satire misinformation about us alt farming and subsequently being banned from the guild hub server (It was for the best)


This was Suncry’s under Jason:

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i find cardio really fun especially running and biking but i dont wanna burn calories while bulking :sob:

I love it, between running in nyc and biking in suburban Wisconsin. Shits fun

when’d that happen

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not like banned as in you can’t join, but banned as in our presence is not appreciated there

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omg no way its xevenant, notice me UWU

helios and wsg aab

also box naval was more known than kof since you called it better armanda in guild hub :frsleepin: