Closed. not trading anymore

closed, not doing this trade anymore

this is definitely a lot better of an offer than other sunken trades i’ve seen but i’m not sure if it’s quite worth a clean chest, definitely not a hard one though. if it isn’t worth a clean chest then you could probably get a lesser enchant one

if boss drops are worth that low i’d rather just not

yeah most people usually wants sunkens in an offer when trading for other sunkens

well looks like the forums wont be a good trading spot for me unless im trading only sunkens for sunkens

Ill do it, I need more good boss drops anyway

do understand before i knew about this price i wasn’t offering all of it for a simple clean, and maybe all of it for a hard. but now that i know i about the prices i think ill pass

ill close this after i see your reply to this message

well if he wants to trade a clean sunken for it then i would take it, sounds like a win to me anyway

nah not trading 2 weeks worth of work just to clean my sunken chest

Respectfully u dont have many options i mean u could fish but that’s tedious or u could try and get in game trades emphasis on try since they’re very rare

saving them for ao and see what happens to them is also an option

It would make more sense to have both on case one ends up not having value

willing to take the risk + i have 3 clean sunken chests on ( 2 of wich i caught myself idk why i keep getting chests mabe because Oppai )

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