Closed read desc

Closed because i dont have anything good to buy sunken with

i think you’d need more to be able to afford any sunken item


alot of people would love oathkeepers for their sunken stuff, I suggest getting those to have a bigger chance

speaking of oathkeepers, i have 4 clean, 1 hard and 1 strong if anyone reading has any sunkens for these

I’ll take those for a swift sunken armor :nod:

(Also you can only get bad enchant sunkens for boss drops, and swift is probably the best bad enchant if you were wondering.

ok if it’s fr then I’ll trade full exiled armor set and oat/shield for your swift sunken chest

Your offer is loads worse than veno’s.

forgot to mention the trader lol I’m trading with you thees

I know bruh. And your offer is horrible.

though you were replying to Max nvm

lol all good I guess

ill think 'bout it

Thanks for the tip

Really? not even bad enchanted ones?

yeah i dont think so sorry

Np thanks for telling me.

You’d need a ton of bad enchants.

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