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So, once this game gets very popular there are gonna be a lot of hackers so we should add a anti-exploit ban cause: image yeh pretty annoying that someone is using melee script (think someone did this suggestion lol)

adding an anti exploit? woiwwo that’s great? ?? how did vetex noever think of that???


Man, if only Vetex thought of banning exploiters. This whole problem could have been solved years ago.


Gotta ban those anti-exploiters man, otherwise the game will be left in ruins. Too bad I’m out of votes.

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Vetex has seen this and has IMMEDIATELY taken action to add game moderators to ban these exploiters!


its nice when they dont acknowledge your dm at all when you send them a gif of very suspicious actions and statistics even when they can just view the person ingame

man if only vetex add a anti-exploiter. like dude, a anti-exploiter would help the game greatly! why would vetex never even think of adding a anti-exploiter

Woah woah woah.
Banning exploiters? That’s cruel, man.
Who would do such a thing? (other than yourself, of course)

Its not like there’s literally a team in place to do specifically that or anything, that’d be horrible.

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This man just solved the ROBLOX exploiter problem.

If we ban them, they just won’t exist anymore!

Finally, ROBLOX can bring back experimental mode!

I don’t even-
Low-effort suggestion that literally had no sense to exist.