[ CLOSED]Trading my Clean WoJ (Level 90)

Trading my Clean WoJ (Level 90) for a Powerful Wizard Robe and Powerful Wizard Pants
(Discord is cruetus#4999)
(Roblox User is CruetusWasTaken)

A minecraft stan, I see.

K if no one takes this trade before I am available, I’ll take it.

not a stan but ok, tell me when you are ready to make the trade

Believe me, I wouldn’t advise you do this.

why not

Because you’re losing a LOT of value. We’re talking literally all of the WoJ’s value.

You saying I should throw in something like a powerful power amulet?

No, I’m saying if you have the WoJ you’re basically paying for nothing.

Honestly if you’re too lazy to enchant wizard gear and amulets like me, this is something I would do. But yeah up to you honestly. Good enchant build pieces go for about a clean mino drop so you would technically lose value but to each their own.

dunno if the trade is complete but i am willing to pay an extra powerful/hard amulet for it
nvm seems like I’m late
WoJ worths boss weapon like oat or axe. So it’s an L to you.
You just need to be lucky by finding merchants around the map. They may offer wizard set. Then you can buy them in bulk. But of cus you need a lot of crowns like 500 for 10 robes or pants

im prob taking it

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