[CLOSED] Trying to get swift/keen sunken iron chest and boots

I think I’m going insane with the amount of servers I’ve been hopping through trying to find ANYONE willing to part with their sunken armor for my crowns. But I can’t seem to find anyone for the whole day. I could have doubled the crowns I’m trying to offer by now, but noooo. Can someone please tell me I’m not going insane and tell me a good buying price for enchanted sunken armor. All I got to trade at the moment is 2750 crowns and a clean exiled chest-plate. I don’t care if you aren’t interested, I would much rather know what a good asking price is so I can make it BEFORE I spent a whole week finding players willing to trade.

@DoubleRun tell him a good price, will ya?

And it’s not even the amount of crowns I offer either. I haven’t found one player that’s willing to trade at all. It’s always “not for sale”.

YESSSS I finally found someone willing to trade. I now got the boots with swift on them. Now I just need to get the chest plate with keen on them.

I don’t have the funds to make any trades right now, so consider this post closed.

Sunkens are rarer than boss items, so if you wanted a clean, I say at LEAST 5k crowns for any armorpiece.

Personally I rarely sell anything for crowns, because they got super inflated this update and everyone is going around trying to cheese their way with crowns.

And this should’ve gone in #game-discussion:trading-discussion lol

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