Clothes question

anyone knows if red and black flannel would go well with white t shirt and black jeans and black vans?

yeah but i’d say wear something else red to balance it out, like red cheq vans if you have those

i dont,actually

any other colours for vans that would go well?

actually,come to think of it,ive a pair of white vans

Red/black, red/white, and red/black/white are based.

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white vans and a white hoodie look A* if you have a pair

Mm, maybe cheq vans are a bit much (imo, I’m obviously biased), but black/white with accents of red would be good. Or something wholly red if it’s the same shade. I know the patterns are the same, but it still seems like a bit much for the eyes.

I like simple or more streamline designs, tho.

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didn’t know we had clothes experts here. i just wear random t shirt and shorts

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I mean me too, but thinking in terms of what’s appealing to look at from an art perspective ain’t hard

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Eh, i don’t really care about clothes honestly…

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Again, me neither lol

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okay then… only problem with me is that im absolutely clueless as to anything other than a T-shirt/shirt and pants look like…khakis i have no clue, i barely know what a fedora is lmao

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what’s a white hoodie look A*? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

or did u mean white vans with a white hoodie?

maybe it comes with age

i used to pair navy blue jeans with blue polo shirts and black sneakers

now im looking for better outfits

time changes things i guess

Try to find an aesthetic that you like and compliments you. There’s a bunch of cutesy stuff I like and wouldn’t look bad on me, but would harshly clash with my personality and general presentation. Cute/Asian grunge is better for my appearance and “aura.”

But I’m poor so I just wear huge hoodies and sweatpants and oversized t-shirts

white vans and a white hoodie look A+ together, sum about matching shoes w a hoodie just makes them both stand out, maybe light blue jeans or black for contrast