Coconut cannonballs

whats up its me onion and coconuts should be a type of cannonball. right now coconuts SUCK they only thing they are used for is as an ingredient and they arent even good for that. so uh we should be able to fire them out of cannons. maybe they even make a funny noise if you hit someone with it. but you still might be thinking, why add this? well shut up


suggestion outside of Suggestions
instant ban :nod:

If this gets moved I’m voting in advance

Uhhh… this suggestion sounds really weird and crazy, but this is actually would be a good option for cannoball’s fs users.

im not high enough trust to suggest so this is good enough



yess just like this

Me when suggestion outside of Suggestions :

im not getting that tier 2 trust for suggestor smh

they should have a 0.5 everything multiplier and just serve as a way for noobs to get free ammo

No it would not, but it’s funny so it should get added