Come up with another name for ao

Magic journey
arcane adventures (lol)
spellbound to destiny
change around the words, play with synonyms, see how original other forumers are

Arcane Adventures II

Arcane Simulator
Magic Simulator

Tides of Magic
Seas of War

Ferry Tale


The time I woke up on an island with a stranger who may not be a stranger and an unusual goal to murder a bunch of people.

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twocane adventures. if vetex wants to use this he is going to have to pay up some royalty

That time i got amnesia and started throwing hands with gods


Arcane Weapons.

mystic movements

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Shartcane fardyssey

One piece golden era

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vetex’s magic adventure

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adventure story

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That one game where you can eat cursed mushroom soup and other completely safe objects (like metal or something) and then go insane and die :neutral_face:


arcane adventures 2: electric boogaloo

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War Odyssey

stop bro i miss that game so much

Sea or Magics

  • Odcane Ardyssey

  • idk

Fairy piece