Trading my headless write me at discord Nitro#1766

Im not at home rn but if you are able to wait about 4 and a half hours I can give you two clean sunken legs and bursting sunken helm for it

(no access to discord rn in the middle of a college lecture :pensive: )

I’ll gib 2 rusty cans for it :nod:

gimme, I need dat headless :fr:

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nah i need sunken sword !

I dont have one of those :frcryin:

Two clean sunken legs
Bursting Sunken Helm
Three 4th of July Seasonals

I only got strong sunken swords lol

so I’d appreciate some adds if you were to want it from me

I’ve got a clean sunken sword

He already traded

Why dont people ever say that they traded it away after they do :fr:


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