Concept: Final villian storyline boss

Vs peacekeeper: has 99999 hp and insta kill lol

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only 99999 hp?


Gets nerfed to 69k hp


oh damn that’s too much

i’ll need 420 homies backing me up to deal with that


bring the exiled with also lol

exiled will take hp from the 420 homies and bully tf out of peacekeeper

peacekeeper will delete roblox after that


Bro people are probably gonna be fighting a 900k health mino this week (hopefully). That’s gonna be one hell of a fight :fr:

900k fucking hp?


that’s suicide bro

I was there when they did a 100k mino fight (I think it was 100k). Didn’t do much and I think I left before it ended. He almost one shot us.

:skull: bro how do ppl have the stones to do these things

they’re asking for a lag filled beatdown


I like the idea of meeting the peacekeeper and maybe even fighting him eventually but it would kinda destroy people’s lore since now the peacekeeper isn’t who they were, but a dude/girl with a set magic and stuff. Feels like it would ruin immersion a little bit


Would be funny

PK has absorption curse, so it could just say that PK found a bunch of magics


More HP then Peacekeeper himself, ez

Good point

wait hol on-
his damage also increased ???
i thought only his health goes up gosh i did not prepare for this-

vetex is the PK obviously