Cooking Expertise Quest

I’m currently doing the Cooking Expertise Quest, where I have to make a 400+ hunger meal. I’ve been struggling with the quest so I’ve come here for help. My Cooking Skill Level is Good, so are there any combinations of food that could work that won’t take several hours of grinding to get, or do I need a higher Cooking Skill Level?


I’ve been having a slump with this quest too, and I have great cooking skill too.

It’s based on the fish’s size, so larger fish make better meals.
I tested this by cooking an anglerfish and a haddock (both are uncommon) in a pot yesterday. The anglerfish made a meal that gives 55 hunger, and the haddock made a meal that gives 34.

Of course, sharks are great for this quest. They’re huge, and catching large sharks makes it even better.

Usually a Colossal Squid alongside another big rare fish (like a Basking Shark) will do the trick with some pumpkins.

So you’ll just want to fish the ocean for an hour or two to get some of those.

Because colossal squids are only found at night would saving castaways be a good idea during the daytime? Since they give a random fish when they’re saved.


there are sharks to catch during the day so fishing would still be faster

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Use a sturdy bronze rod, or am I too late to the party

I’d recommend using four large or rare fish. If you want, you can try fishing for them, but you’re better off getting them from saving Castaways.

Bro, you caught the closest thing the Arcane universe has to an actual Kracken, swim to Palo yourself at this point.