Corrupted techlevel80

æ man, i think that sceptor cursed af-


For me this is demongorgon requiem

Ah yes the beauty of this piece quite frankly resembles that of the inner struggles of ones life, emphasised by the many feats of tentacles sprouting from within this creature. Yet I say creature but it is affiliated with a quite known specimen. What- what is this I feel in my head? The poison, oh no… my PTSD! Argh the lore master’s ichor is poisonin-


idk but it feels like he’s saying "You wanna hear a story kids? No? Well too bad."

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So these are the demons you keep fighting in your dreams

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ah, yes, horrifying eldritch abomination. Very nice.

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That looks like the Moon Presence from Bloodborne.


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those eyes give me the sense of cursed Boros xd

Tech’s head has plenty of spaghetti.

me trying to see where the legs are

Reminds me of one of my dream monsters I named Tod. Sick art tho hehe.

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what he grew tentacles lol

holy shit

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boi i saw that