Could Ravenna survive a ballistic missile?

If I were to launch a ballistic missile at Ravenna how much of the land mass survive?

Also if I launched a ballistic missile at Trigno, would he survive? Technically as a curse user he is immune to weapon attacks but not energy (curses).

nobody in ao gets past building level so no trigno is dying and ravenna will be devastated but survive since its an island with mountains

This has got to be a joke. Trigno the guy who can throw massive magma dragon skulls at people and decimate a ship isn’t building level

If we’re talking AA… does the entire world being destroyed and humanity nearly eradicated ring any bells ofc that’s Theos and Durza but you did insinuate that nobody in universe did.

Powerscaling is a joke


Not if you have haki like Zoro

well a ballistic missile is more energy then arrow or sword.

Depends on what type of missile it is but I’m gonna assume it’s nuclear. I think trigno might be able to survive the initial explosion, mostly due to his curse immunity but also because of his high the resistance threshold is for top tiers in the AU is. But I’m not sure if curse users are susceptible to radiation poisoning or stuff like that.

Even if Ravenna isn’t completely destroyed I have a feeling almost everyone who lives on it would probably die, but I’m not really sure how big it is so I can’t say for sure.

Pretty sure was joking since characters like theos and durza are basically explicitly shown to be at least continental

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thats calced at either high rise or small building :moyai:

multi depending on wether or not durza can use a sea curse

ravenna is large
it could survive a nuke
though the majority would become wasteland as it has a forest

trigno can survive a nuke
he can just fly away
now if he were impacted head on then it depends on if he was caught in surprise or not


Short answer: No

Long answer: it depends, if we are talking nuclear we could go for something like the Tsar bomba, the atomic bomb, fat man, etc. If we use that, their vaporizing radius surely will destroy Ravenna which im like 99% sure it is NOT larger than the vaporization range of the Tsar Bomba (apperntly 36 miles according to google), ravenna is getting vaporized, if not atleast reduced to a few scattered islands. If it was a weaker bomb, it would probably survive, everyone is still dying though


Short answer: Not directly

Long Answer: While a nuke should most definently kill trigno via atomization, Curses are complete bullshit, instead, lets say if tringo is on a small island. If we dropped a powerful nuke, he would revive in the seawater and instantly die.

how big is Ravenna in miles?

I don’t even know how large Ravenna is in general :skull:
but im damn sure it isn’t over like 3 miles

castalian shore is like 700 m across. the m is likely meters 700 meters is less than 1 mile.

also even the hiroshima explosion was only 8000 feet or 2438 meters. So yes, a nuclear missile would eradicate Ravenna. Not sure about trigno but I’d say yes, missiles are fast and as a magma curse user heat-seeking would be effective. Also the initial explosion is devastating. Everyone forgets how powerful nuclear missile explosions are and the destruction they cause.
Then they started comparing it to Durza and theos which I didn’t even ask about.

trigno is immune to everything but magic so yes

define magic in the arcane world

it’s magic i dont have to explain shit

no. I consider magic energy you pull from the air or your minds. Nuclear bombs cause a release of massive amounts of energy. Yes they would affect him.

Durza can absorb other curses and has absorbed 3 curses before splitting the earth up lmaoo

we aren’t talking about Durza.