Crafting! (surprised this wasnt suggested a lot)

yeah, crafting.
ik this was suggested before sometimes, but this is my take on crafting:

ok, so basiclly.
you craft stuff with the help of the smith.
you prob knew the crafting was gonna be done by the smith already.
and, as you might guess, you craft stuff with materials.
or other stuff.
oh, and you wont need to wait around for like a day to truly get the item that you crafted, cuz getting the stuff to craft what you desire then wait 1 day of your life to fully get it is stupid.

oh, and this will also require you to craft it at the level where you can wear the item that you crafted, cuz someone can just give the materials to a lvl 1 noob to craft a powerful item and then they get a big headstart at the game.

ok then, lets continue more.

lets continue this topic with some of my ideas:

Normal Shirt:

Just a plain old shirt. Nothing else.

Requires: 5 cotton (this can be obtained when you kill someone or from chests at a 25% chance OR from the material seller.)

Requires no level to wear.

Can be upgraded until level 50.

increases by 3 defense every 10 levels, so 15 defense at lvl 50

Normal pair of boots:

Just some plain ol pair of boots. Just that.

Requires no level to wear
Requires: 5 leather (this could also be dropped from enemies or from chests at a 25% chance. or you can also get it from the material seller)

Can be upgraded until level 50.

Increases by 2 defense and 1 agility every 10 levels, so 10 defense and 5 agility at lvl 50

so if you have both the normal shirt and the normal pair of boots, you get 25 defense and 5 agility.

Normal sweater:

Just a plain ol sweater that could be useful for cold protection.

Requires: 10 wool (this could be dropped from enemies or chests at a 20% chance or from the material seller.)

requires level 50 to wear.

Can be upgraded until level 100

Increases defense by 3 per 10 levels. also gives 25% winter protection when in a cold area, but also gives 25% summer vulnerability when in a hot area (like the deserts)

Gives 30 defense, 30% winter protection and 20% summer invulnerability at level 100.

Winter boots:

A pair of boots that are more protective than the normal pair of boots because of where they are meant to be used in.

Requires: 10 leather and 5 fur (this can be obtained from either white furred animals (ones that are easy to make for vetex) or from chests. OR from the material seller too.)

requires level 50 to wear and craft.

Gives 20 defense, 10 agility, 15% winter protection and 10% summer invulnerability at level 100.

so if you have both winter boots and normal sweater at level 100, then you will have 50 defense, 10 agility, 45% winter protection and 30% summer invulnerability.

so, how does this sound?

  • I like this idea.
  • I like this idea, but it needs some changes.
  • I dont like this idea.
  • I dont like this idea, it needs some changes.

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There’s also this random person known as the Material Seller who might become useful one day.

First of all, this was a heck of a wall of text. Please use Hide text next time :wink:
Secondly, even though this prob will never get added, how about you buy the matereals from the matrereal store?

@Kosmo you can also get it from chests if you want to.
or enemies.

Yeah, but that would be just more grinding @anon50359812

its your choice.
you can decide to buy it or grind it.

tru :nod:

Skill issue

Yes, skill issue

sKiLL isSUe!!!11

I also suggest branching out.
You should be able to make metal things at the smith/metalworker, cloth things at the tailor, etc.
For more powerful items several trips to different places may be required.
For more powerful items one would have to make a trip to the alchemist’s.
Example: Magical Cuirass
A heavy chestplate that boosts magical power. +25 Power, +70 Defense
Requirements: High Quality Steel x15, Cotton x15 (for the padding), Arcanium x5
Construction Time (Total): 20 Minutes.
Order of Construction: Create 20x Arcanium Alloy at the metalworker, Create 1x Gambeson at the tailor, Create 1x Arcanium Chestplate at the smith, Create 1x Magical Chestplate at the alchemist, Create 1x Magical Cuirass at the smith.

i just personally dislike crafting systems in games like wom.
sometimes they turn into a cycle of getting materials just to create something ill only use to get more materials to make something else. repeat.

that sounds like a good idea
crafting crafting materials.

Furthermore, one should be able to speed up crafting (to an extent) by paying more crowns.

Crafting should not be the only way to acquire such things, but rather should be a way to get the stuff you want. It’ll take longer and be more expensive, but you don’t need to go through the RNG.

wait, wdym by that?

You could get the thing from a chest, or maybe a boss or something.
But it’s RNG.
Now of course there should be limitations.
You should be able to craft a few things that cannot be acquired by chest searching. But to a point. Certain items should also be only chest-acquirable, or from a boss (or from fishing but no one likes that).
Basically, crafting gets you higher quality items… to a point. It’s not like your village alchemist can make something like a Sunken Chestplate after all.
That’s what I mean.
Also you should be able to craft the following items: fishing rods, lanterns (underwater lantern when), other tools, weapons, shields, armor, maybe a few other things too.


Crafting is a solid yes but I have no idea why you’re suggesting us to craft things that we could just buy from a tailor.