Creation and Chaos Comic Poster Second to Final Piece!

Hi Guys! Here it is… the (mostly) final version of the Creation and Chaos Comic Poster! I’m so excitedd! @Tobi and I have been working to get this comic out as soon as we possibly can and its all starting to come together yay. All that needs to be done for this bad boy is to add the background (ahhhh).
Tobi and I will start to put out chapters soon, stay tuned!



So we’re are u gonna upload it?

webcomic i think, ask kwispy or tobi though

Only have scripts. The poster is the last thing we wanted to get done before we put our efforts all into the webcomic.

Ya know after seeing Toby in Naruto Shippuden…

this just gives me weird flashbacks.

this is gonna be good.
(warning ear rape)

deja vu-

I just been in this place before!


We will be uploading it to Webtoon :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for it to release

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I saw creation and Chaos and I RUSHED-

Who’s Kage

KwispyKage is my artist since I can’t draw all that well except for my style.

She will be doing ALL (Well a majority) of the art that you will see, with me doing editing, effects, ect. The story is all mine though.

Le poggere

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The guy on the backround, whose half face we see, straight up made me think of Itachi, I don’t know why.

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Higher on the street…

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I’m so excited to get working on the actual comic I’m going to vibrate out of the universe X’’'D


Tobi’s twin, if I remember correctly… And the artist who is apparently going to mostly draw this comic.

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Yessir I am his shadow clone jutsu :wink: