Crimson Crescent Recruiting

Guild Name: Crimson Crescent
Guild Status: Dark/Neutral
Guild Owner: Epixxle | Velvet#7553

Crimson Crescent


A clan of wizards hailing from distant lands who seek revenge against the magic council. We aand will only accept those who are active and are willing to contribute to the guild.
Feel free to join if you just want to hang around. We are a community. Join us.

small cc Featured Events

  • Trainings/Practice Sessions for those who aren’t as good at PvP’ing but have potential to grow or those who wish to get stronger.

  • Tournaments where the winner may receive Robux, in-game items, Crowns, etc.

  • Guild Meetups for boosting sessions, talking about group affairs and progress, fishing sessions, or hunting players for Infamy.

  • Game nights with different activities and games for those who need a break from grinding.

  • Movie nights to binge with your fellow Guild members watching cool shows or movies.


Discord icon Discord: CC Discord Server
Roblox_Player_icon Roblox Group: CC Roblox Group

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