Crimson Crescent

Guild Name: Crimson Crescent
Guild Alignment: Neutral
Guild Owner: Epixxle | Velvet#7553

Crimson Crescent


A clan of elusive mages hailing from a distant land. Despite our intrepid origins, not much is known about Crimson Crescent. However, it is rumored that the puppet strings always end up converging into our hands.

While this guild is on the darker side of things, we accept those of all reputation. We are simply looking for those who are active and are willing to contribute.
Come join us.

small cc Featured Events

  • Training Sessions for those who have potential to grow.

  • Tournaments where the winner may receive rare items, ingame currency, or other prizes.

  • Guild rallies for infamy gain, discussing group affairs and progress, or even fishing parties.

  • Game nights consisting of various games, roblox or not.

Anyone is allowed into the discord. We are a welcoming community, but with no tolerance for toxicity.
Welcome to the new age.


Discord icon Discord: CC Discord Server
Roblox_Player_icon Roblox Group: CC Roblox Group

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