Crimson Origins, chapter four

“SHIT!” Rorik yelled as bullets whizzed past his head. “THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE’RE RAIDING AN AG OUTPOST!”

“IT WAS YOUR FUCKING IDEA!” Mikhail kindly informed him.

Rorik cursed as he pulled two pistols among the many hidden in his long red coat and opened fire upon the AG soldiers attacking them. Two soldiers dropped as the bullets found their mark, before he quickly replaced the first two pistols with a second pair.

“I’M PLANTING THE BOMB, COVER ME!” Mikhail shouted as he placed an odd-looking arcane contraption in the tower’s ground floor.

Rorik snarled at the soldiers coming down the stairs as he kept on firing his multitude of firearms. After holstering his third and final pair of pistols, Rorik switched to firing lightning bolts at the soldiers still left standing. One poor sap was blasted clean through the front doors of the tower by his lightning.

The duo felt an incredible surge of power spark to life above them. It seemed that it wasn’t just soldiers guarding the tower.

“SHIT!” The two shouted in union before booking it towards their boat.

“HOW MUCH OF A FUSE DOES THAT THING HAVE?!” Rorik yelled as he hopped over the smoking body of an unconscious soldier.

“IT SHOULD BLOW ANY MINUTE NOW!” Mikhail said, yelping as a fireball exploded next to him.

“DAMMIT! I’LL HOLD THE CAPTAIN OFF, YOU SET THE SAILS!” Rorik said, drawing his cutlass and firing a bolt of lightning at the AG captain.

The captain blocked the attack with exaggerated ease as she launched a fireball right at Rorik, who took it head on, wincing as the flames burned his flesh.

“So you’re the rogue soldier that killed his supervisor?” The captain asked. “Why? Why would you fight such a noble cause?. Your peers said that you were extremely honourable and respectful during training, and even now I can see that you weren’t aiming for lethal blows when you were fighting the soldiers. What happened to make you murder someone in cold blood?”

Rorik scowled. “The little bugger tried to extort a village of all their money. I couldn’t sit by and watch innocent people be robbed by the ones tasked with protecting them. He threatened to raze the village to the ground and force them to work on his ship. The fucker was threatening slavery! Y’know, the thing that not even the worst of pirates do. So I killed him, and now he can’t cause anyone anymore grief. You’re welcome.”

The captain looked shocked. “What? You mean to say that an admiral was corrupt?”

“The little shit was an admiral in name only. He was too weak to be ranked higher than a soldier if he was ranked through standard means. He most likely bribed his way through the ranks. That, or he has relatives higher up in the ranks.” Rorik kindly informed her

“No… No that’s-”

Rorik took advantage of her momentary distraction to shoot her in the leg with the pistol he had reloaded behind his back.

“AGH FUCK!” The captain roared

"Believe what you want to, but what I told you is the truth. Quit this corrupt tyrannical force, make a true difference in the world. If you don’t… Then may we never meet again. Rorik said as he quickly hopped onto the sailboat just as it started to get going.


The explosive device reduced the tower to splinters and rubble. The duo could see the captain force herself to recover from the wound and start blasting away the wreckage in order to save herself and the rest of her allies. Many soldiers pitched in to help as they followed their superior’s example. In mere minutes, most if not all of the soldiers were dug out, stabilized, and being treated.

“The AG should’ve had people like her in charge.” Rorik said. “Not immortal asshats too lazy or unwilling to purge corruption within the ranks.”

Mikhail sighed. “Honest people who really want to make a difference in the world… A rare thing to see these days.”

“Anyways.” Rorik changed the subject. “Where to next?”

“Well… We’ve already tested our endurance against gunslingers… And we tested our fighting spirit with that mad gambit of yours… Now we just need something to really push us that extra mile. Something that will make us fight like hell… Got any ideas?” Mikhail asked.

Rorik thought about it for a bit. “Nope, you?”

“Actually I do, lets set sail for Judgement isle. We’ll meet them there” Mikhail said

Judgement isle, three days later

“So… Where is this mysterious person?” Rorik asked looking around. The vast arena that made up most of Judgement isle was covered in scorch marks. Fresh ones too, almost as though they had just missed a big fight…

“Defend yourself.” was the only warning that Mikhail offered before blasting Rorik with shadow magic

“SHIT!” Rorik yelped as he summoned a lightning barrier.

“Give it your all! Magic only! We fight until one of us drops or we awaken our second minds!” Mikhail ordered before launching another attack.

Rorik sidestepped the attack before dropping his coat and pirate hat. They would only slow him down in this fight. He blasted another attack out of the sky before stomping the ground sending a wave of electricity all around him.

Mikhail winced as he was blasted back by the wave of lightning. He might have more magical prowess, but Rorik was specially trained for all forms of combat by the AG. This evened out the skill gap between them, making them the perfect opponents. Mikhail suddenly jumped into the air and summoned a compressed ball of dark energy. He threw the blast. Swirling dark energy followed the ball in it’s wake. Rorik couldn’t dodge this one.

But dodging wasn’t required

Rorik threw his hands forward and summoned a barrier of electricity to block the attack. The dark energy exploded against the barrier. To him it felt like someone had hit it with a full sized caravel, Mikhail only saw his ultimate art impact the shield and dissipate. Rorik could’ve countered with his own ultimate art, but chances are that Mikhail would just do the same thing he did. So instead he shot a lightning bolt at the now vulnerable Mikhail.

The bolt impacted a blast of darkness, both attacks being ripped apart by the force behind each. The sky began to darken as a storm started to roll in. The two combatants clashed for hours, each was equally matched to the other and neither could gain the advantage.

Enraged by how long the fight was taking, both fighters summoned one last magic circle. They each poured every last ounce of power they had and then some into it. Rorik unleashed a massive bolt of lightning while Mikhail let off a beam of volatile darkness. The attacks clashed in midair, the balance of the battle was shifting side to side.

Intrigued by the battle before her, the AG captain patiently watched the two fight from a nearby cliffside.

The air began to smell of ozone as the clash went one, both fighters were absolutely drenched in rain and sweat. Rorik’s body shook as he tried to push out even more power, he failed to do so. It was all he could do to keep the stalemate up. Mikhail wasn’t doing much better.

All of a sudden. The attacks exploded into a grand display of shadow and lightning, knocking both combatants back. Mikhail and Rorik both summoned their magic as a last ditch effort to end the fight.

Two beams of magnificent light magic shot towards each other in the middle of the arena and detonated. The ensuing explosion reduced the center of the arena to rubble.

Rorik panted as the magic faded from his fingertips. They had done it. After mere days of work, they had achieved something that usually took people years to accomplish.

“WE DID IT!” Mikhail shouted from across the arena as he ran towards Rorik.

Rorik smiled weakly as he picked up his coat and hat. “We sure as hell did! Now lets get out of here, this rain is really coming down.”

A thrown spear detonated in a blaze of fire between the two wizards, knocking out Rorik and injuring Mikhail. The AG captain walked out of the smoke created by the impact.

“I’ve been tracking you for awhile… Usually I wouldn’t bother talking, but you two are respectable, you fight for a good cause, just in the wrong way. Surrender now and maybe we can strike a deal.” The captain said in a calming voice.

Mikhail didn’t get the chance to answer. His visions swam as his exhaustion and injuries forced him to collapse.


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