Crows nest Crewmate

Crows nest Crewmate
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I know Edward Kenton can warn us whenever something happens or occurs to our ship or during sailing but I came up with a new advanced idea that may help more in expeditions such as Dark sea, I introduce you Crow’s nest Crewmate.

Detail and Information:
How does the crewmate work?:* Any crewmate can be up on the crows nest and watching around with a decent job, but there are options. You can choose a deckhand for the crow’s nest for better lookout but if you want to, allow Edward Kenton to be on top if you decide to.
What does the crows nest crewmate do?: Crows nest crewmate will be on lookout that can spot anything within far range depending who the crows nest is. The list of dialogues and events that the crows nest would spot.
During the Sea:

  1. Whirlpool
  2. Rough Sea
  3. Ships
  4. Water spout
  5. Diving Spot
  6. Ice burgs
  7. Castaway
  8. Sea Creatures (Ones that sticks out of the sea)
  9. Enemy brig about to fire mortar
  10. Player Ships

During Dark Seas:

  1. Islands
  2. Siren’s island
  3. Atlantean Ships
  4. Player Ships
  5. Magic Tornado
  6. Magic Hail storm
  7. Tsunami Waves
  8. Structures

Additional info is that crows nest crew can also mention which waypoint direction and how far aby of the sightings they spot.

Reasons to add: My reason for this is mostly for dark seas. Due to constant heavy rain occurs the crows nest can spot sightings for you while you have a easier time to try finding it. It is also since vetex is making the dark sea rain a constant occurance, might as well for the crows nest do our spotting and sighting job for us while we do the sailing helsman job.


Worth noting that the crow’s nest crewmate wouldn’t necessarily even need to have better vision than the player.
My computer is pretty weak, and can’t run AO at high graphics settings (and thus high render distance) without framerate issues. An NPC that can see only as far as I’m supposed to be able to see would make expeditions a lot less painful.

Not sure how/if this should interact with anti-fog potions, which seems to be the intended method of making it easier to spot islands in the dark sea.


Good suggestion. Edward Kenton already warns you about things, except it’s only when two waves are going to crash infront of you…? And he ignores pretty much everything else. Having someone do Edward Kenton’s job but consistently would be nice.

I can’t even see islands right infront of my ship most of the time. I can turn up my graphics a bit, but having to choose between seeing things that other people can already see (and also the multitude of tangible gameplay debuffs that come with a low fps) or less shit fps is not very fun. I was thinking of an island silhouette that would appear when an island is out of render distance but viewable at high graphics. But this helps a fair bit, alongside notifying me of surprise environmental threats.


Doing dark sea runs on low graphics are literally impossible so yes please


I run 10 graphics and sometimes the islands just blend into the background so I end up running straight into them.
Especially volcanic islands.

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Yes please!

Increasing your monitor’s brightness can help. It does help me, thanks to that i can see the difference between the dark blues of the sea and the dark basalt of an island right up my face (the fact that i’m lack a parking license with a Brig doesn’t help either)

I really like that idea. With the addion of Deckhand profession maybe this could be a profession or a feature of the navigator. But i mostly like the idea because it immerses u more into the game by ur crew really helping you. Right now i dont feel strongly about my crew even tho i should as they are people i sail every day with. So giving them more things to do that help you really makes ur crew like a true crew of people helping eachother.

as someone with a pretty decent pc but for some reason will crash on some roblox games when the graphics is too high, this is an amazing change. Sometimes I get lucky and islands spawn within view, and sometimes I can dive straight into insanity 1 and only get siren rocks and atlantean ships. Yeah yesterday I was looking for brewing pots and 0 islands.
I really don’t know what causes my pc to crash. AO can go up to 4 graphics, Deepwoken can only go up to 2, voxlblade can’t go past 1. Valorant I think if I have it on high graphics will crash, and I still haven’t diagnosed the issue.
Anyways going a bit off topic, good fix for me, therefore I like it :+1:

maybe a crew found in the dark sea that got shipwrecked and lost their captain, which could be led to by ghost ships, dark sea is missing a lot of features this could be one.

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