Crystal buffs for TGR

I’m ngl, I’m a bit tired of crystal being neglected for the last 5 months (although I don’t blame vetex, getting rid of the meta comes first).

Stat changes for crystal

Stat changes

As some people have said, the planned change for crystal will probably not suffice, so buffs to damage and speed are needed as well

Personally, I think crystal could work well if it functioned more as a solid equivalent of, say, acid, but with higher impact damage and no DoT
All that would be needed would be an increase in speed (0.7x->0.9x) and a slight decrease in damage (0.975->0.95)

For these changes to fully make crystal a viable magic, a DoT (and possibly a new status effect) may be needed.

Separate suggestion for Crystal DoT

I approve of most of this suggested change, but I think the effect should be clearable.

This post is a bit unfinished, and it could probably use a lot of changes, but overall, I think it could work. Let me know any changes you think could be made to this post.

That’s not a “slight” decrease my guy. This would make Crystal more dogshit than it already is.

ok well before i had it as 0.95

? You’re moving it to .8 damage, that’s literally worse than light’s damage. (Oh wait nvm you changed it back)

wait really? mb

This alone is enough of a buff to make it good, doesn’t need a DoT on top of it because it’s no longer overshadowed by earth because it’ll be much much faster.

I was thinking something more like a stackable damage buff where crystal actually benefits from its own status would be cool. so like 5% bonus damage per stack, stacks up to 6, with each stack the duration timer resets to 5-10 seconds (whichever seems more balanced for a duration).;

Different magics would get different bonuses from the crystal stacks. for example, heavier magics could get a larger bonus from each stack (maybe 10-15% per stack) but also remove the stacks and cause a bleed (breaking the crystals on the body). gas magics would get a negative damage bonus of about -20%, and liquid magics would have a neutral damage bonus.

You could use crystal to somewhat build up a high damage nuke with a heavy magic, or keep a sustained high dps with just using the crystal.

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