Current Ideas

Hello. You may know me as the great shitter of ideas, or you may not know me at all and may be wondering who the fuck is self centered enough to assume some people on the forums know this piece of shit. I’ve come up with a lot of topics such as

Titans being a possibility in the game.
Blessings, which would’ve been a sea curse in it’s perfected form
⛧ S̷̬͐͐͠k̸̼̮̩̰̐͝͠ȉ̵̺̦̊̆̚͝ǹ̴̟̖͒̉ ̶̛͚̗͖́̂̚̚M̷̗̲̀̊á̸͔̱̩͋̐͛͘g̵̥̦͗̈́̑̒͒i̶̛͖̥̻̫̦̓̂̆č̸̗̬͓͝ ⛥
The Cursing Cure
And more!

But thing is I have a lot of ideas that I want to finish. They’re all different sizes and require a decent amount of effort. So instead of deciding for myself. I’m going to let the internet make decisions for me (Because that’s always a good idea). So I’m going to put down some of the ideas I have for the internet to shit on and tell me which is the least shitty.

1.Finish “Blessings”
So far i’ve come up with only one magic. Photon. Which is just Light 2.0. Not very creative, but I have a lot more ideas that I believe could have the potential to spark interesting discussion. Such as Eclipse, Time, Void, and many more!
2. Skin Magic “Ultimate” Yes I have made two of these already. And yes I know not even the best doctors can fix the damage done to your eyes. But I want to take it one step further! This would be my final revision to skin magic. As soon as I’m done with this, you can all rest easy I won’t pursue this topic any further for likes.
3. Fingernail magic, nails grow out of you in uncomfortable places! And many more disturbing ideas that are sure to make you stare at a wall.
4. Economy, this would be more of a rage project at how much I hate the trading system and how the market is very overinflated. Would take a very long time due to the fact that this needs to be very well researched.
5. Bone Magic, You just got boned kid
6. A history of humanities connection with magic and how it has evolved over time. This would be THE ultimate summary of how humans have been using magic throughout the years and why it is the way it is. This would delve into the concepts of Primitive Magic and why some magics are forgotten or lose certain perks. (Such as cloud magic or shadow losing it’s wither perk to Darkness)
7. Why Dream is a Sussy Baka for not letting me into manhunt
8. A essay on theoretical physics on why Femtex could easily smoke Vetex
9. A 90 page Thesis on why Vetex should give me Tester Role.
10. A retrospective on how Magic would work in the modern world or in the future.
11. An observation on how the Vastus went extinct and why some characters in the lore have some of their DNA despite them being gone for thousands of years.
12. Figuring out a basic concept of the Arcane World (Like a basic map of the entire world)

These are most of my current ideas that are well thought out enough for me to maybe start working on them again. So I want feedback on which of these are good enough for me to work on. I really feel passionate about these topics but want to know if it’s worth working on them. Maybe suggest your own ideas!

But that’s all for now.

pfft, only 90 page?
thats nothing compared to mine.

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Mine’s only 1 page so far but that’s the end game goal. Are any of these ideas actually worth pursuing over?

probavly not but
do the tester thing still
that’ll be funny af

sans magic yes