Current Party Status

Now, putting aside all the cataclysm currently going on in the game (it’s tradition for every update to have chaos after it comes out), I had a little idea for parties.

I have had some pretty big parties, usually of 5 or more and we’re most of the time not in a VC. Now, when we get split up, it’s pretty hard to tell what each other are doing, especially the leaders (of which most party members follow anyways), and if you see a party member’s health going down, you can only assume they’re getting attacked. Though, I have oftenly found that my allies aren’t actually getting attacked, but rather are fighting NPCs or a boss.

A great solution to this would be party status, how does this work?

A little box could be added in the party menu that says “status”, only the leader and co-leader could change this. When changed, it’d look something like this in the party UI in the left



interesting!! you got my vote!

You’ve earned mine, this would be small, but it would be very helpful

very interesting and helpful
but id just do vc

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