Current/Upcoming Competition for WoM?

What are some games you think can compete with WoM?
Do you think they’ll do better or worse?

Deepwoken, Boundless, and perhaps Exoria. I feel like Deepwoken has a pretty good chance at being way better, Boundless 50/50, Exoria maybe?

No game, except for the ones that Vetex make.

ok explain how

I can tell that Vetex and Tech have better taste for their games.

what kinda response???

a response

A good one

adventure story is better than wom

As of now

Aren’t like two of those games paid access?

I mean you are literally asking the community of this game what game is better than the game they are a fan of, I hope you aren’t expecting diverse answers.

So anyway, I really don’t play anything else on roblox than WoM since it’s impossible nowadays to find a remotely good game in the game section of the website since it’s full of simulators-ish games.
Except build a boat but that’s just this one random game we keep returning to to build stuff

lol no that aint true

deepwoken is a completely different genre :fr:

The only game that could “compete” with WoM is probably Arcane Reborn, but I’m gonna be honest that game’s just buggy af.

In terms of gameplay/concept, zero, but in terms of overall quality Creatures of Sonaria, Holocene, Era of Terror (meh), and all Ludi’s games are really good

i will say that the overall progression and layout of the game has differences, but they’re both open world with weapons, combat, lore, etc. you get the idea

I’d say vesteria but it isn’t in it’s best state atm. Ignoring all the simulators I’d probably say any good anime game.