Cursed WoMents/Arcane Oddities

is that a bomb

:boom: !!!

dead lol

dead. until he respawns.

respawning is a bug, it should be fixed

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man lost his hat but forgot about his left hand (probably what happend-> he lost his hand while holding a hat)


he was holding the hat (his hand fell off so his hat fell off)

(they could hide from you)


this is also unusual

Roblox broke WoM more

roblox broke the filter even more too (notice the guilds being tagged)

honestly what weird innuendos have roblox employees been hearing in their furry porn to keep adding words to the filter

black bulls has been tagged, idk why helios is though. also roselight was filtered for a while but got fixed i think

I’d join.

Must be some good shit though

They can’t be this bad right?

bandit harry out here serving a nice meal of reality with a side dish of old shortsword to the naïve level 40 wanna be hero wizards

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who tf ate taco bell

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