..cut time 😎

i dont know who to share this with so

i was 140ish lbs in like december which is around the time i started bulking, and i just bought a scale to check my current weight bc idk where my moms went and turns out im 160.4 lbs. my waist size has increased by 1-1.5 inches so i think ive gained a pretty significant amount of muscle :partying_face:

i was actually worried cuz my cheeks are getting puffy and lemme tell you body dismorphia is real bro esepcially cuz i eat what my mom makes for dinner :sob:

my target weight is about 135 bc i was a littly gooey in the stomach area before i started bulking anyway :nod:

btw im like 5"6 or 5"7

but so anyway today is my first day of the cut im very excited but also a little scared cuz ill prolly be walking while studying for the psat at the same time so that i do well :skull:


You now:

You after your cut:



hoping im not left with the fat buns actually and instead the meat with lots of protein in it

something like this perhaps:

lmao i measured 160.4 this morning before eating but then i legit had a philly cheesesteak and a large fry from pen station + peanut butter, a glass of milk, and a bunch of nuts and it registered me at 156.4 j now :skull:

like arent you supposed to weigh the most at the end of the day?? i even had a large glass of water RIGHT before measuring

Maybe the clothes you were wearing had an effect? I tend to only measure with less/lighter clothes on

nah i already thought of that i measured in my underwear both times

maybe im crazy but i was in the rain before i measured the first time so maybe i j like…got a bunch of water retention from the fucking rain :sob: ???

How I wish to be 160 :pray:
Currently ~139-ish area just trying to reach 150 ;v;

how tall?


trust me bro u dont wanna be 160. i legit broke a chair at my section leader’s house a few weeks ago in front of literally 12 clarinet players :sob:

Sounds like propaganda to remove competition.

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I think that’s just the chair’s fault; a chair should support someone who’s 160 pounds

still embarrassing nonetheless :pensive:

That must have been the shittiest fucking chair ever designed
How you gonna not support 160 pounds as a fucking CHAIR

That’s a problem with the chairs, my man. Your average adult male in the US is 190 lbs, if they’re snapping at 160 they’re made of China-quality plastic.

I feel this. I’m not at all chubby (140 at 5-7), but I somehow still have a double-chin. Think it’s just genetics for me🥲

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everything here is made from china

thats so real like bro i have cheek lines but somehow my cheeks are still chubby??? tf is that???

Mainly boils down to your diet and keeping a caloric deficit, but it is kinda easier for some people to stay lean and others to put on muscle due to genetics

Have been working out consistently for over 2 years now and I was kinda chubby before but now Im far leaner and at the 10-12% bodyfat range (145 and 5’9)

yay gym :muscle:

except i do calisthentics in my bedroom lmfao

I don’t gym (dont live near one), got up to now through calisthenics aswell