Cynthia Calvus Crown: Potentially Most Fun Thing I Did

So starting out I kinda just made Cynthia as a random character that had a nice sounding name. Started out as a gold conj and felt it didn’t really suit me. Decided to go Berserker and realized how much fun it was.

Now I created my own head cannon for her. Cynthia C. Crown was created using Calvus’ dna, so sorta clone. Her magic was as powerful as his was and as such her creators completely sealed away her magic, hence berserker idea. Now with Iron Leg and Cannon Fist and have defeated King Calvus she’s considered either the First Queen of Ravenna or King Calvus the 5th. Either way liked the head cannon and now rocking a really cool looking fit and build.

First queen?
slide me the drops fr…

Wasn’t sure if there were other Queens. Also sad too say this is my only set. Dude doesn’t like to drop his stuff.

The Diamond and pearl ptsd is coming back

the queen uses calvus drops?
no princess crown drop?

I wish there was Ravenna Queen and Princess stuff. Imagine an armoured dress- that would be dope as hell.

Honestly that was originally why I went with Cynthia cause I was like “Hay Pokemon!” but now I just think the name is nice.

Anyway it looks cool, rav is my favorite kingdom(even though we still havent seen any other ones lol), so 8/10 for me

Same tbh, as messed up as they are the drip and area is amazing. Plus there’s like 3 bosses and a ton of loot to be had.

wait I thought only warlords could use argos weaponry

I can’t use it, I just have it for drip purposes lol.

Rav arent actually bad guys, the people who work for King calvus didnt know what they were doing wrong and thought the people they were killing were criminals

You also do that? same lol

Fair, we’re only wanted cause they all thought Calvus was an awesome dude. I mean the Prince wants us dead cause of the fact he still thinks his brother wouldn’t do something that bad.

Drip before anything!

doesn’t stop me from punching them with burning hot fists infused with t̶̺̞̆̅h̶̰̓̚e̴̛͇ ̵͓͖̩̏̔c̸̺̽ŗ̶̎̌u̶̻̼͖͠ȩ̶̇l̶̡͇̟̿ ̸̡̞͆̑ǐ̷̻̹̻͋ṇ̶͐ḋ̴̖͍ḯ̶̪f̸̰͓̦̾͝f̵̤̱̪̑͝e̴͍̫̜̅̅r̴̭̽̂e̸̤͑ñ̷͙̤͠c̷͕̻͂̑ẽ̸̘̺͑ ̴̝͎͆͠o̶̧͛̾̓f̶̛̪̝͌̀ ̸̣͆̅̀t̵̓ͅh̵͓̩̹̅̚ę̴͍͛̈́ ̷̟͍͋̓v̵̧̗̱̓́ö̶͖́i̸͕̋̿̋d̷̗̞̠͝͝

This has inspired me to make a Cloned Counterpart of Argos, Lore Pending. Thank you for the Inspiration!

You’re welcome! I like the idea of some people being clones of the cult just cause like, we were made in a lab and we’re clearly built different from most of the bosses and npcs so.