Dark sea biome idea

What if there was an area in the dark sea where it’s just dead silent and calm waters with a red sky and occasionally a howl of some monsters would be heard and maybe this place could be a gathering area for all those ghostly figures we see, they’d be floating around in the sky or sum :moyai::moyai: what do you think? Feel free the expand on it and stuff

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To be clear i want to see what people think about this, Im not suggesting anything lol


suggestion not in suggestions, banned kid (actually idk if this qualifies as one or not but pls restrain yourself from that)

?? Dawg I wanna discuss the idea lmfao, ok I coulda worded it better but relax yeah? Bro trippin LOL

One thing that any good area needs is a benefit to being there.
What kinds of things would you find in this eerily quiet and ghost infested part of the dark seas?

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The Bronze Sea is considered a sort of “safe zone” from the Dark Sea. It’s one of few places where it is safe from the magic aura… or rain…l or energy … or whatever… of the Dark Sea. In the next update, there’ll be the Nimbus Sea, another sea cluster. So, this island would be safe from the Dark Sea’s energy, therefore it would be another sea cluster.

If there has to be something interesting there, maybe it could be a single island, inhabited or not, maybe abandoned, maybe it’s got some notebooks with lore or smth, but this island amidst the Dark Sea, safe from the harsh weather would need a name…

This island…


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I think this could make the Dark Sea a bit creepier

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cough cough 5 kilometers of layered fog dark sea clouds cough cough

yea, any good area.
The sunken forests, rifts, and giant fog clouds have little to nothing of value whatsoever to find within them and that’s a problem.

wdym layered fog dark sea clouds are sick

What about old AA mirage bosses spawning here, like god figures or important people from AA’s storyline, idk what a good presentation of the boss would be like tho so yeah

The bosses names wouldn’t be revealed and they would be shrouded in black mist or sum

Defeating them would yield idk maybe 10-15
DS chests

Also the only way to guess who these bosses are would prob be through dialogue via chat or their magic

What do you guys think

didnt we already have another submission entirely similar to this one

isnt this just dark sea version of
fudge i forgor what the island name was
the one with the red light and withered trees

Blasted? (Akursius island type)

Oh is there idk :skull::skull:

yeah our Lord crimsonpant made a suggestion like this once, it probbaly got added in the form of Elysium

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That sounds good. I imagine a place like that would have everything be almost as dark as ancient hall with the only visible brightness being the red sky. Maybe insanity should be more intense there if that’s where all the ghosts hang out

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I like this idea.

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