Darkturty's gamers art dump

Wagwan gamers, welcome to the tubes. Epic.

As name implies it is an art dump, while am I am still working on wink wink I also have two other series I work on, ones more of a personal project, others for a friend and its currently on hiatus. I have test writing for both if u want to see that.

What will I dump into my dump?
Digital 2d art, sketches and finished stuff
Traditional 2d art, sketches and finished stuff that looks really close to my sketches because they are kinda my sketches since its built on the sketches but I dont erase the sketch.
Hell and maybe even my mediocre writing. Most of them are my first draft btw and just made up on the fly to test dynamics.

Also the reason this is called a dump, is because the way I do things. I draw, go inactive, realise something that i’m supposed to post on exists. Post things in a few day time frame, then repeat. my youtube is the best example of this lol.


here are the drawings from my ‘art proud’ folder, its not actually all of them but I cant upload them for some reason. probably from around 2018 to 2020?

heres my art from the ‘not proud’ folder, its not actually all of them again because its not uploading them.
Last ones were for a competition where i had to draw someon’s team.

heres some pictures I did for another competition where I had to draw the other team, I could only upload two since the others aren’t uploading. I got a zero because I made it too hard to score.

heres art I did practicing a style, the outlining ending up being too hard to do consistently for multiple pieces so got scrapped but I still think it looks kool.

heres something I did because two of my friends were trying to get with my fictional character, I was able to stop one of them from simping because I said he had an adopted child lol, then he went off to simp for the only other male without a child smh.

I already posted this I just like this ok
After not doing art for a couple of days I watched dont starve animated trailerse and this came from it. frog guy on the right was a character design for wink wink, originally supposed to be two children acting as an adult collecting purple coins for a competition they were doing with their friends.

Then some cloth tests, Donovan goes wild.

Keep on trying to upload files but then forum doesn’t accept it smh.

then wip bug fables fan art. Yes I know while Vi can be a bit of a Vi she would never hurt her teammates, and Kabbu would definitely not stand idly by, but in my gameplay Vi smacks everyone and everything.

gonna make a seperate post for trad art


there was going to be more but I cant upload them >:((


error, cant upload file is going to be my hell

What The Fuck Rowe Who Would Think About That

Rowe :0

I didn’t upload all the files I want to, and I wanted to get rid of some since they were added by accident but it feels like the difference between pressing the button and the file being deleted from the album is the sun away.

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dex sigh
I lost the hat :frowning:


not the full animation*

Sometimes I want to scan all of my traditional stuff and dump it here but I can never find the time to do that since the scanner is at my moms place where she mostly is so I cant go to and fro and when she is away my computer is locked up >:(

I lost my tablet pen again >:(
Also I cant even upload HALF OF THE IMAGES I WANT TO because the forum has an error with it. Even if I turn it into a jpeg it still doesn’t accept it.

have some really old jevil art from 2018-2019(?) I think around then. I dont know how I didn’t realise he looked like it was balding.

ok so the explanation for this I think I was going an art competition thing and I think it was countryhumans? So I did this. I have another version with blood (not much gore tho basically just blood like every anime with a gore rating you know theres more to gore than just blood right?) but the forums didn’t like that like with half of my art even when its just donovan chilling >:(

For this one I was in a kinda big-ish community(?) idk. There was a discord server and for a bit the owners got obsessed with avatar (like we all do) and assigned roles to the staff and stuff for the avatar cast and there was the guy who was aang and the guy who was kataram and you know what they do in the end.
ms paint pixel art
ms paint pixel art 2
Every boardr game evar? I think. Top one I got the idea after I accidently mistook a medic as trying to kill me, bottom one was when they added it so citizens couldn’t kill vikings but vikings could kill citizens, stopped playing after that since that was basically all I did except bake a lot of cake.

Hero havoc concepts? I think
brick god
for I while I liked making pastel looking pixel art for every boardr gaem evar.
Yeah Brick gods a whiny prick this image is properganda.

I probably have posted this before but I just really like this, I made it after a joke in a server I was in about choosing team being the best team. So here we have brick god and ‘evil’ brick god being evil and making their subjects make war on eachother for their own disgusting benefit while choosing team is free from the chains of life. Another thing they said was choosing team being angels so thats why the wings are there.

2018-2019 I would say. When you want someone to be mad, draw them as an anime girl (opposite effect if they’re horny)

I think this was to be a team flag for another art competition. ms paint it looks like.

made this picture for an animator who uhhh, got gacha life and started posting what people download gacha life for in my dms. I’m still weirded out by that freezepond, anyways he asked for advice on his animations so i’m like super cool and famous B)
COME ON i want to upload something and it just wont work >:(
ok thats all bye bye


woah I can actually upload it here
unfinished rn but planning to post it in the fan art thing because its Donovan arbour, not my renamed OC with virtually no change to his character design. shut up its not nooo.
Here is Donoavn arbour but… FEMALE??? female??? ogognaugnag gnuainis FEMALe??? Namei s Donovana because females (as you know) has an a at the end of their name (i know). since Donovana is Female (did you knkow) she has to wear FEMALE clothing (for females, feminine) like dresses (makde for females). With female gloves (yes) and a Female body (for and obnly for females) with female eyelasshes (females have eyelashes) with a scarf fit for a female (not red, now purple like pink for female).


what if I just posted the unfinished art lmao


Col Art Bruh!

when the female

mmm yes female…

is it time to troll
I hope they dont notice me being lazy lol


She looks like that girl from the Roxanne music video and probably acts like her too